smile for the camera.

yes. the next public photo shoot project is already a go
and THE FLOCK will be featuring the photographic work of

* non-professional models needed.
* flaws & imperfections welcomed.

( stay tuned... )


Go Sue Muller ! Go !

[ preface ]

this post is long over due,
but better late than never.


I met a fantastic woman before the holidays. Her name....Sue Muller.

She and her lovely daughter were stranded at Charlotte Douglas International Airport due to weather. The two of them patiently passed the time knitting gloves while waiting for the next available flight out.

I recall noticing (immediately) the crimson colored fingerless gloves that Sue had been wearing. They truly were the most charming pair of gloves I'd seen in a long time and I made sure to let her know. She began to tell me how she herself handcrafted the gloves and how she wondered if they would actually sell.

This was the moment that I fell in love.
Not only with Sue's warmth, radiance, and sincerity, but with her cleverly handmade pieces of art.

I bought the pair she was wearing right there on the spot.
( so the answer is yes. they can and will sell. )

This entry is especially important to me because I enjoy highlighting the beauty and talent of others. I believe strongly in supporting women like Sue. You see, when you purchase something as simple as a pair of hand knit gloves from the hardworking single mom, or a painting from a struggling artist, maybe even a beer from your local watering hole -- you are actually making a statement. A proclamation that exclaims :


If you've seen me wandering around Charlotte over the last few weeks you've most likely seen me rockin' these amazing little pieces of art. In fact, I can't seem to take them off.

Thank you Sue. i heart your gloves.

Please make this year the year you support local business.
happy twenty ten.
good grub.

your pal,



Beauty in a photo release.

Textbook definition of Beauty :

beau·ty n.
1. The quality that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is associated with such properties
as harmony of form or color, excellence of artistry, truthfulness, and originality.
2. One that is beautiful, especially a beautiful woman.
3. A quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, or telling.

I wonder who wrote that, and how long it took that person to 'define' the word beauty?
I also often wonder why we live in a world where the words 'beauty and perfection' can mean the same thing to many people.

One day I was flipping through a magazine and came across an Ad featuring a very beautiful woman wearing practically nothing (ironically she was selling clothing). For a split second I felt a bit insecure. I carefully examined the advertisement. The layout, fonts, the model chosen, how she was framed. I began to wonder why that was deemed beautiful. Why that image suddenly had the power to influence the way I shop, dress, or even worse - influence the way I see myself? Then I had a idea :

I don't want to be a fashion designer when i grow up.

THE FLOCK Apparel was born.
Yes, the look is classic cut and sew. But I appreciate simplicity and comfort.
Yes, the accessories are recycled vintage pieces. That because I believe in reducing and reusing - as well as finding individuality in a one-of-a-kind piece.
And Yes. The models aren't 'models' - because I believe in featuring everyday folks as my models. I want to 'capture the real beauty of the human flock', in the hope that it will redefine the way you see yourself and those around you.

Below are some photos taken at the recent Public Photo Shoot Project, featuring the Real Human Flock.

And this my friends is how I define BEAUTY.

Thank you to all those who have supported this dream. Thank you also for coming out to the Photo Release Party. Sara Renee and I were so happy to see you again!

Lastly I leave you with this : despite our current situations economically, stay encourage my dear friends. Please be rebellious in your pursuit to inject this world with real beauty.

It starts with you.
Now go and shine.

with love.
your pal,

c i g i


Letting go of the reigns

Alright I admit, as a business owner I find at times it's difficult for me to let go of creative projects and trust that others are fully capable of taking over for me. However, I learned a valuable lesson recently that I'd like to share with you. As I watch my business grow both professionally and creatively, I become increasingly aware that I CAN NOT DO IT ALL BY MYSELF. I'm realizing that sometimes it's ok to trust and let go of the reigns.

For example: I was recently contact by a young aspiring entrepreneur by the name of Mike Press. Mike was producing a local Fashion Show and asked if THE FLOCK would agree to participate. Although I was overwhelmed with other obligations and projects, I asked my Interns and local fashion students from the Art Institute if they'd be willing to produce THE FLOCK's portion of the show. They were up for the challenge and in less than 48 hours had selected four extremely diverse students to model, had them styled, photographed, and at Luna Lounge in time for the show.

( in a nutshell )

there is strength in numbers,
freshness in new perspectives,
and a privilege to step back and observe future talent at work.

my students make me proud.

those who wander . . . MAE not be lost.

Allow me to introduce you to a very beautiful man :  Dustin Woida

I managed to cross paths with Dustin at the Las Vegas Airport recently. By the look on his face he appeared to be lost (but i'm not too proud to admit that I also wore the same expression). Realizing that we were both wandering we decided it would be best to wander together. During our almost three hour long layover I discovered we had a lot more in common than I had expected. 

*  We both were headed to Charlotte 
*  We both were in the Fashion Industry.
*  We both love God.

And yet again I am not surprised by our meeting one another.  I always seem to be strategically placed in certain situations for a reason. I don't believe in coincidence, which is why this entry is very special to me. I enjoyed meeting Dustin. What a breath of fresh air.  From Charlotte he heads to COSTA RICA, where he will be in production with MAE Bags.

He was gracious to leave me with his personal bag....

M A E    /   Making An Escape 

is an incredible business....with an amazing message and product. 
don't just check them out, SUPPORT THEM.